Principal designer, Daniela Palumbo, of Ella Allure in Westfield will be featured on an upcoming episode of the NBC show, “George to the Rescue.”

Palumbo joined Fanwood designer, Amre Griffin of rienú, in designing a room for three teenage girls from New Jersey.

Earlier this year, Griffin was featured on an episode of the show last season, where she designed a living room for a family rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy.

Griffin, a regular shopper at Ella Allure in Westfield, turned to designer Palumbo of the Westfield shop to assist her with redecorating the room for the season finale of “George to the Rescue” airing on Saturday at 10 a.m.

Ella Allure donated the fabrics to the show and Palumbo assisted Griffin on the window treatment design.

“I got involved because Amre gets all her window treatments, upholstery and fabric for her design projects at Ella Allure,” Palumbo said. “She mentioned to me the opportunity and I accepted with great enthusiasm.”

Girffin explained that her experience working on the show is always amazing and that there is no one else she would rather work with than Palumbo.

“Besides being the sweetest girl in the industry, she [Palumbo} is also talented, extremely diligent and meticulous. I love working with her for so many reasons but most importantly her attention to detail and organization is so refreshing,” Griffin said. “We work so perfectly together personally and professionally.”

She added that George Oliphant is super fun to work with and possesses a heart of gold.

“He has a heart of gold and is the perfect man for the job of helping others out in time of need,” Griffin said. “The show is so genuine and natural and has such a positive vibe about it.”

Both women said they couldn’t wait to see the girls’ reaction when they see their brand new room.